Plastic surgery for foreign patients in Ukraine

Nove Tilo knows no boundaries! The modern clinic of plastic surgery Nove Tilo in the city of Kyiv organizes medical tourism in Ukraine for patients from all over the world.

Patients come to us from the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, China, Australia, African countries, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries to get a highly qualified medical care of international level at affordable prices and without long queues.

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Our services

You can perform in the Nove Tilo, the largest plastic surgery clinic in Ukraine, the following surgical interventions:

Breast augmentation(and lift (mammoplasty)

Liposuctioning(removal of excess
adipose tissues)

Tuck-up surgery (facelfting)

Eyelid surgery(blepharoplasty)

Remodeling of the ears shape (otoplasty)

Augmentation of the buttoks with implants (gluteoplasty) or with genuine adipose tissues

Remodeling and tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty)

Graft hair surgery (transplantation)

Remodeling of the nose shape and restoration of nasal breathing (rhinoplasty and septoplasty)

As well as other plastic, ORL and general surgeries

Nove Tilo is the most innovative plastic surgery clinic in Eastern Europe
Our services are substantially cheaper if compare with American, European and Asian clinics. At the same time, the quality of medical services, the clinical equipment and the qualifications of experienced physicians are at the highest level.
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Why is it worth doing plastic surgery at the Nove Tilo clinic in the city of Kyiv

We constantly follow novel technologies and are the first who introduce them into the work in order to raise the quality of plastic and other operations types to the highest level.

We have 3 operating rooms! Administrators will select the nearest convenient date and organize everything so that you can transform during your vacation or business trip to Ukraine.

Commodious operating rooms, offices and wards are equipped with the most modern equipment and apparatuses, and only certified European materials are used in the work. A pleasant atmosphere, exquisite interior and high-quality services await you.

High quality, patient safety and natural results are the main priorities of our clinic. We give a guarantee for the result of the operation and respect the patient’s confidentiality.

With our service you do not need to wait for the operation room for several months or years! Nove Tilo is the largest clinic where most plastic surgeries are performed in Ukraine.

Our physicians with many years of experience are constantly undergo trainings and study courses by the best specialists around the world, comply with international protocols and are ready to successfully solve a problem of any complexity.

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If necessary, we involve trusted narrowly focused specialists from other areas of medicine so that an overseas patient receives high-quality comprehensive treatment in one place and all explanations in a language that he/she understands.

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For patients from other countries, we organize a preliminary consultation online, and upon arrival we carry out all the necessary checkups and examinations in place.

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No linguistic barrier. Often the linguistic barrier is a great obstacle for going to a foreign clinic. We would like to point out that our staff is fluent in English. But, if necessary, we will involve interpreters speaking most of the world's languages.

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Direct communication. You can contact our clinic directly, without intermediaries, from anywhere in the world (call, write on Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, make an appointment).

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The Nove Tilo clinic is located in the historical center of the city of Kyiv, so you may combine treatment and walks in one of the most beautiful capitals.

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How much does plastic surgery costin the city of Kyiv?

Prices for surgeries are available for foreign patients on the Nove Tilo clinic website. After an online consultation, you will know the final cost of the treatment before your arriving. Package offers include the cost of all consultations, the surgery itself, anesthesia, inpatient stay, aftercare and necessary medicines on a turnkey basis.

You save money, as you get European-level medical services at lower financial costs - cheaper than in similar plastic surgery centers in Europe, the USA and Israel.


Customer Reviews

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Pablo Alessio

I had a nose operation and the doctor did really a good job. Very professional service and modern facilities. The reception is very kind and helpful.

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Isobel Rosine

I had surgery with Anna Horina 6 months ago and it was one of the best experiences I've had at a clinic, I was very nervous cause I had some bad experiences but Anna put me at ease and everyone working there were very nice and...

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Angela Kelber

Ich möchte Dr. Oleg Vasilyevich Timofy und seinem Team meinen Dank für ihre Arbeit, für das Ergebnis, für die menschliche Haltung aussprechen. Für den Patienten kommt es vor allem auf das Verständnis des Arztes an und es

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Our overseas patients may count on help and support

At the Nove Tilo, clinic of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in the city of Kyiv, you will receive not only successful treatment, but also care, support, a friendly atmosphere and maximum comfort like in a 5-star hotel.

We are sympathetic to all the difficulties and problems of overseas patients in the implementation of treatment abroad, so we will be happy to help with organizing a visit to us.

We will cordially meet you, help with accommodation, if necessary, provide a phone with a Ukrainian number, help in organizing your leisure time.

Additional services foroverseas patients

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Our administrators, if necessary, will help you choose tickets for air travel to the city of Kyiv and back, as well as provision of comprehensive information on visa and conditions of entrance to country during the pandemic.

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meet you at the airport

We will meet you at the airport and arrange transfer for your arrival / departure.

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Assistance in accommodation

Assistance in accommodation and house hunting. After the surgery, you will stay in a comfortable ward with three meals daily and round-the-clock support of the medical staff. If there is no need to stay in the in-patient department, the administrators will recommend and book in advance for you and your loved ones a hotel room or apartment of any comfort level near the clinic or in the center of the city of Kyiv.

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Providing mobile communications

After arriving in the city of Kyiv, our guests are temporarily provided with a phone with a SIM card of the Ukrainian mobile network for convenient communication with the clinic staff.

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assistance with currency exchange

Payment, assistance with currency exchange. Payment for rendered medical services is possible in cash or via bank transfer (Visa / Mastercard). If necessary, we will show you the location of the nearest currency exchange offices.

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Organization of leisure time

We will help with the organization of leisure time during your stay in Ukraine. We will engage a sightseeing guide who will help you brighten up your stay in the city of Kiev for your relatives and accompanying persons. We will tell you where the main beauties and shopping centers of the capital are, and how to get there. We will make reservation in a restaurant, a place in a cinema, theater, etc.

It is important for us that your stay in Ukraine is not only useful, but also pleasant!